There are many definitions of sustainability but the one most often referred to is this:

Meeting the economic, ecological and social needs of the day without impairing the chances or development of future generations. (UN-Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 1992)

Sustainability Sites of Note


The Living Principles: aims to guide purposeful action, celebrating and popularizing the efforts of those who use design thinking to create positive cultural change. A place where we co-create, share and showcase best practices, tools, stories and ideas for enabling sustainable action across all design disciplines. more >>


Design It Greener: all-inclusive resource for the graphic, packaging, industrial, interior and architectural design industries—helping designers stay informed and educated on the latest and greatest in all realms of green design by providing news, tips and advice, a glossary of common green terms and a green design gallery where designers will find inspiration to help begin and continue to make green choices a part of their everyday design practices. more >>


AIGA Portland Sustainability Initiative: Locally in Portland, OR, this initiative exists to inform, inspire and engage designers to understand and incorporate sustainable design thinking and practices into their business and that of their clients. more>>