Hello. I’m Jane Pellicciotto, sole proprietor of Allegro Design in Portland, Oregon—a branding firm for positive-change businesses. Once i made the connection between work, my interest in food and sustainability, and my habit of dishing out unsolicited advice to friends, colleagues and family, a blog was born.

The thread that ties the posts together is about thriving and health — both business and personal. In order to thrive, we first have to dig deep and figure out who we are, what we’re doing here, what we stand for and how to value ourselves. This goes for businesses, nonprofits and people alike. When we find the essence, we can share the right story with the right people and produce great things—whether it is via a logo, an annual report, a humble meal or just a conversation.

For over 20 years, I’ve been crafting identity and marketing communications with this kind of approach — a blend of practicality and enthusiasm.

What do I care about?

• Food issues, including health, supporting local farms, sustinable agriculture and changing our nation’s food policy.

• Doing good work that is authentic, sensible, memorable and necessary.

• Sustainability, including personal actions, helping mission-driven businesses, and using sustainable thinking in my design practice

• Smart time-tested business processes that benefits both parties—clear goals, contracts, good communication.

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