In my haste to set up a blog, once I realized it didn’t involve the effort I thought it would, I wasn’t aware I’d be asked to create a blog name. It makes sense, of course. I got up to get another cup of coffee and asked myself “What is this about? What will be the common thread to my posts?”

I also asked myself “Who cares what I think? And does the world need another blog?”

The phrase “Life Lines” popped into my head. Hardly original, but I decided to practice a couple things that are increasingly important to me: following instincts and leaving well enough alone. A lover of word play and double meaning, I decided to stick with it.

Sadly, not a moment after the phrase popped into my head, I thought of Tina Fey’s rendition of Sarah Palin being interviewed by Katie Couric. Palin asked if she could use one of her life lines when she was unable to answer a question for herself.

And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut would say.

Incidentally, he and I share a birthday. I’ll do my best to channel him but don’t hold your breath.

These days everyone has something to say. Despite my increasing foray into writing sort-of fiction and personal essay, I lack habitual writing. The stories for my writing group are focused, where all effort is crammed into one time frame. The immediate and public realm of a blog might force me to write more regularly.

A blog, however, invites additional computer face time into a life that already has too much of it. It seems that with every new gadget or device that enters my life, I veer away in equal amounts to activities that are the antithesis of the electronic realm. This, of course, is called balance. But there are only so many hours in a day.

I see it as a challenge to question what I value, hone my writing skills and, perhaps most important, reduce the amount of time I am reading the Huffington Post for the latest election soundbite.